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I'm that crazy kid who plays Saiko . This is where I'm now going to put all the shit that I make because I'm dead and that's what I do.

I do take requests and sometimes they get finished. If there's coffee.

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Super High School Level Cryptozoologist Haley Callaghan!

Once you get past those chompers and all that nonsense about monsters, then he’s a pretty nice guy.

A makeup artist’s greatest tool is neither his brush nor his eye. It is, in fact, his imagination. To create a monster, one must envision it perfectly—from concept to creation. 
And Kazuki did just that.
He painted himself, first, with reaching black tendrils and pretended as though it were the despair, coiling around him.
Swallowing him whole. 

#bear noiss

a thousand apologies for the inactivity, kids. i’m just really not feeling the edits right now.

#bear noises
Vaguely Important Post (Regarding Requests)

Also vaguely irritable. Whoops.

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Princess Kathuahua didn’t know how to use the multiply tool SO I TOOK IT UPON MYSELF TO MAKE A THING.

And so now I gift it to all of u (after a few modifications) for teaching purposes plz do not use my knowledge for evil. :C

ElectroniD Credit [x]


SHSL Butler; Haruki Tsukino!

From now on I only take requests for characters wearing hoodies and teeshirts thank u goodbye

An exclusive peek into the Owlbear’s cave—when you think I’m editing sprites, I’m actually drawing mustaches on my reference pictures.

I’m not even kidding.

Congratulations! You caught the Mastermind!


Kazuki Okumura; SHSL Raccoon.